Freedom starts with a free ride.

Starting this Spring, Charlie makes it possible to go Car Free. Care Free. Fare Free.

Charlie is a company deeply committed to bringing social freedom and social responsibility together to change people’s lives for the better.

We believe everyone has the right to have fun and get home safe, so we found a way to make it possible to ride for free.

With free rides, there is never an excuse to drive under the influence - or maybe even drive at all.

Social freedom.

That’s our mission.

Get ready to join the Charlie movement.

Car free. Care free. Fare free.

Watch the Creation of Charlie.

Click above to get behind the scenes on the building of an exciting new brand. An idea whose time has come.

Charlie is Coming Soon.

Spring 2016

Apple IOS

Charlie will be available for iPhone devices upon our launch release. Updates will be available automatically as we release newer and better features to give you even more control over transportation.

Google Play Android

We will also be releasing Charlie on the Android Google App store at the same time. We want to ensure all users have Charlie right in the palm of their hand.